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Royal Oak Ministries is called to be a dynamic community organization that
inspires hope, brings healing, and equips single mothers by every effective means
while restoring an iconic property that will provide the opportunities for Christ-centered
transformational changes that last for generations.


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 Educational training:
a.    Online and in-person classes in future training center
b.    Arrangement with local high schools and colleges for continued and higher education
c.    Partnership with local businesses to train individuals in-house as employees
d.    Professional development with space industry companies (NASA, Blue Origin, Lockheed Martin, SpaceX)
e.    After-school tutoring for children (academics)
f.    After-school programs for children (technology, art, music, mechanics)


Life skills training:
a.    Counseling
b.    Parenting Classes
c.    Financial Classes (Financial Peace University)
d.    Auto mechanics & Home economics
e.    Spiritual (future church on-site)

Provide on-site jobs that offer practical training  & possible professional skills:
a.    Café (serving, cooking, customer service, meal planning, ordering)
b.    Coffee (roasting, packaging, marketing & sales)

c.    Golf (course maintenance, lessons, administration, marketing)
d.    Banquet Hall (hostess, managerial, reservations, ordering)
e.    Child care development center (for staff children only)
f.    Office staff (accounting, reservations, invoicing)
g.    Grounds (gardening, maintenance, landscaping)
h.    Pool (lifeguards, swim coaches)
i.    Destination Wedding Vila (housekeeping, reservations)
j.    Media and Technology (websites, social media, audio/visual support)

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